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Sponsorship for ALCon 2024 offers:

  • Focused Audience Reach: Engage with an audience deeply interested in astronomy education and outreach.
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: Position your brand as a champion and supporter of astronomical learning and public awareness.
  • Strategic Networking Opportunities: Interact with key educators, influencers, and thought leaders in the field of astronomy.
  • Support for Educational Initiatives: Make a meaningful contribution to the promotion of astronomy education and public outreach.

Sponsorships Levels:

Each level is a step towards greater involvement and visibility in the ALCon 2024 community, offering unique opportunities to engage and make an impact. 

SIRIUS: Over $5,000 At our top tier, Sirius sponsors get everything included at the Rigel level, plus an extra complimentary table in the exhibit hall (making it three in total) and a special 10-minute slot to present during the conference. It’s your chance to truly stand out and engage directly with attendees.
RIGEL: $2,000 to $5,000 Elevate your visibility as a Rigel sponsor with everything from the Altair level, plus your logo in a larger size on all conference materials and an extra half-page in the convention program. You also get two tables in the exhibit hall to showcase your brand even more.
ALTAIR: $1,000 to $1,999 As an Altair sponsor, you’ll build on the Formalhaut level benefits with your logo on conference signs, a quarter-page for your logo in the conference program, and a complimentary table in the exhibit hall. Plus, you get a one-page feature on the ALCon 2024 website.
FORMALHAUT: $500 to $999 The next step up the sponsorship ladder, Formalhaut sponsors get their name highlighted during conference breaks, a sixth-page space for their logo in the conference program, setting you apart from the Castor level.
CASTOR: $100 to $499 Our entry-level sponsorship offers visibility with your name listed in the conference program and on the ALCon 2024 website. Plus, you have the opportunity to include items in attendee bags, making sure your brand reaches every participant.

Want to sponsor alcon 2024?:

If you’d like to be a sponsor for ALCon 2024, please use the form below to contact us