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Evening Events

Registration Now Closed – Walk-Ins Welcome

It’s the Astronomical Society of Kansas City’s 100th anniversary, and we are honored to be the official host for this year’s Astronomical League Convention—ALCon 2024—this July, right here in the Kansas City area!

We would like to invite you to join us at ALCon 2024, Stars and All That Jazz! In addition to the daily convention activities, we will be hosting evening events at Gottlieb Planetarium, Linda Hall Library, Overland Park Arboretum and our very own Powell Observatory, home to our 30-inch Ruisinger telescope. 

  • Gottlieb Planetarium at Union Station in downtown Kansas City, Mo., will provide us a private presentation in their facility.
  • Linda Hall Library, a world-famous science and technology research library, will feature guest speaker David Levy and a chance to visit the library’s rare book room, featuring such books as two of the few extant copies of Galileo’s Siderius Nuncius (1610).
  • Powell Observatory for a presentation by ASKC member and astronomy student Rachel Cionitti and an evening of stargazing with the 30-inch Ruisinger Telescope (weather permitting). The observatory visit will be preceded by a stop at the beautiful Overland Park Arboretum for a StarBQ dinner featuring local Kansas City-style BBQ.
  • Banquet featuring a local jazz band, and Brown University professor of physics and astronomy, and jazz musician, Stephon Alexander will discuss his latest book, The Jazz of Physics.